Posteado por: eufOnia | octubre 9, 2006

Nippon Scene: I really think so…

Turning japanese I think I’m turning japanese…. 

  • Quikion
    Yoru No Harp (Trinity, 2000)
  • Machine And The Synergetic Nuts
    Machine And The Synergetic Nuts (AliBaBa, 2003)
  • Igzit-Nine
    Igzit-Nine (Poseidon/Musea, 2003)
    “Doomsday Train”
  • KBB
    Live 2004 (Poseidon/Musea, 2005)
    “Horobi No Kawa”
  • Molca
    Super Ethnic Flavor (Poseidon/Musea, 2004)
  • Metagaia
    Phonogenix (Poseidon/Musea, 2005)
  • Tadashi Goto
    Soundscape (InterMusic/Musea, 2005)
  • Naikaku
    Shell (Poseidon/Musea, 2006)
    “I Found A Deep Dark Hole And I Am Going To Jump In! There Will Be No Proof Of My Existence In THis Dark Abyss. No One Will Find Me Here! I Have To Compensate For Being Born By The Redemption Of My Life Into Death. I Will Become A Commendable Entity And Stop All The Senseless Butchery And Useless Cruelty I Have Inflicted Onto Other Souls. Right From The Start We Only Live In The “Now”. But If We Even Stop To Think Of The Here And Now, It Has Already Become The Past In A Twinkling Of A Moment. In Turn, The Future Is Pushing Against The Now And This Whole Perception As We Know It Soon Becomes The Past. To Try And Verify The Moment Of “Life” Is An Impossible Task. Whn Trying To Prove Life, It Becomes A Past Existence In Which There Are Too Many Memories. All In All, In The End Life And Death Are Exactly The Same. So I Am Going To Follow My Dream And Dive Into My Chosen Fate!”
  • Daimonji
    Improg (Poseidon/Musea, 2003)
  • Free Love
    Apocalypse (Poseidon/Musea, 2006)
    “Kami-No Chishiki”
  • Bandvivil
    Junaokisei (InterMusic/Musea, 2004)
  • Ashada
    Circulation (InterMusic/Musea, 2006)
  • Lu7
    Efflorescence (InterMusic/Musea, 2006)
    “Blue Planet”
  • Djamra
    Kamihitoe (Poseidon/Musea, 2006)
    “Dying Sleepy”
  • Kalo
    Spiral Dream (InterMusic/Musea, 2004)


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