Posteado por: eufOnia | julio 24, 2006

Just ‘cause

 Porque me gustó… ¿y qué?

  • Héctor Buitrago
  • Paradise Lost
    “Draconian Times”
  • Siconauta
    “Para Mi”
  • The String Cheese Incident
    Untying The Not
    “Wake Up”
  • Final Fantasy
    He Poos Clouds
    “He Poos Clouds”
  • Lycia
    The Burning Circle And Then Dust
  • Vlor
    A Fire Is Meant For Burning
  • Manta Ray
    Torres De Electricidad
    “Porquè Evadirse A Otros Mundos”
  • Hamster Theatre
    The Public Execution Of Mr. Personality
    “Oye Comatose”
  • Zero Hour
    “The System Remains”
  • Muse
    Black Holes & Revelations
    “City Of Delusion”
  • Rebels And Scientists
    The Sun And Sea
  • Brightblack Morning Light
    Brightblack Morning Light
    “Everibody Daylight”
  • Mojave3
    Puzzles Like You
    “Breaking The Ice”
  • The Stills
    Without Feathers
    “In The Beginning”


  1. thanks for the mention! we at rebels & scientists appreciate it.

  2. Cool Steven!

    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for your music… Your CD is great. Was a must for this show. Visit us at for our show website.

  3. thanks very much; so glad you like it! if you’re ever interested in reviewing the record, email me and let me know–we’d be honored. take care.


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