Posteado por: eufOnia | mayo 1, 2006

Sweden! again…

What's in the water in Sweden? it is perhaps the hottest scene at the moment We've already played quite a bit Beardfish and Opeth, two of our current faves, and here are quite a few more:

  1. Liquid Scarlet / Liquid Scarlet II / Lines
    alternative prog? you bet
  2. Violent Silence / Kinetic / Sky Burial
    energetic double keyboard attack. Yes, it is prog
  3. Siena Root / A New Day Dawning / Into The Woods
    retro hard rock in classic style
  4. The New Grove Project / Brill / Thoughts
    Sui Generis folky symphonic rock
  5. Scar Symmetry / Pitch Black Progress / The Illusionist
    technical death metal in the Opeth tradition
  6. First Band From Outer Space / Impressionable Sounds Of The Subsonic / Novaja Zemelja
    any doubts about these guys? space rock of highest caliber
  7. Suspekt Aspekt / Minnet Sviker / Halvvags Till Nodutgangen
    pastoral retrogressive symphonic rock
  8. Skyron Orchestra / Situations / Star
    psychedelicious swederock
  9. Drahk Von Trip / Heart & Consequence / Autumn
    yet another slice of psych rock
  10. Moonsafari / A Doorway To Summer / Doorway
    pop progressive in The Beatles meets The Flower Kings style
  11. Flower Kings / Paradox Hotel / End On A High Note
    their newest album, surprisingly good!


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